Land Planning and Design

  • Actively practice and encourage inclusive community dialogue and decision-making.
  • Community work with diverse interests to reach consensus on the siting of a Carrboro bicycle pump track.
  • Collaborate with Board members and members of the Affordable Housing Task Force to address Carrboro’s affordable housing issues, I have identified innovative practices to address housing stock diversity, financing, and the institutional obstacles that challenge progress.
  • 2015-16 Worked with John Dorwood, former Executive Director, Interfaith Council to address needs in planning for the IFC Community Kitchen transition to Carrboro.
  • 2016, orchestrated the Town of Carrboro and Orange County staff and officials visit to the Farm at Penny Lane tour. 
  • Advocate human-scale buildings and commercial and public spaces for Carrboro.
  • Participated in the Town of Carrboro Planning Board- hosted October 2012 Affordable Housing Dialogues.
  • Continue to push for a comprehensive Land Use planning to ensure balance in land use, development and preservation of natural open and green space. 

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