Randee Haven-O'Donnell

Randee Haven-O'Donnell

The Town of Carrboro has a highly
energized and engaged
Board of Aldermen.

A quick look through my record on the Board reveals my dedication to the citizens of Carrboro and the vitality of the town’s future. During the past twelve years, I have provided steady, thoughtful, proactive leadership.  My experience in office has made clear my ability, dependability, openness and genuine concern for people.

I’ve been involved in many crucial discussions about our town’s public policy. I have cast important votes, worked to anticipate and solve forthcoming problems, worked directly with our community, and, as a Board member, served as a bridge between our citizens and our local government. My work on the Board of Aldermen, as well as in leadership roles on town and county boards, has provided me with a substantial base of knowledge about our community and county, and has demonstrated solid on-the-job performance. Folks and colleagues describe me as a trustworthy, collaborative, engaged, no-nonsense advocate for the Carrboro Community.




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