Top 10 Priorities for Carrboro

1. Responsive Governing, Community and civic engagement

  • Actively encourage inclusive community decision-making and participatory governance
  • Broaden involvement in advisory boards, neighborhood associations, task forces, community forums and listening sessions 

2. Civil Rights and Social Justice

  • To vigorously advance our social justice goals: work to dismantle institutionalized racism, sexism, attend to poverty, homelessness, and disparity in economic wealth and well-being

3. Carrboro's Local Living Economy

  • Expand Carrboro's local living economy tax base, ensure economic sustainability and resilience by expanding entrepreneurial, professional tech, health and craftsman services
  • Advocate for solid capital planning to control cost of living in Carrboro

4.  Livability: Carrboro's Vibe

  • Promote and support a healthy stock of affordable housing
  • Provide and sustain Carrboro’s active-living spaces. Advocate for greenways, trails, community gardens, pocket parks, and open spaces

6.  The nature of Carrboro's environment

  • Promote and implement the Community Climate Action Task Force Report recommendations 
  • To persist in environmental conservation and protection, and the pursuit of alternative-energy options for the Town and Carrboro community
  • Sustain and broaden our treetop canopy throughout Carrboro’s downtown, neighborhoods and forest
  • Ensure that Carrboro provides, protects, conserves and reserves water supply of the highest safety and quality

7. Commitment to public transit

  • Advocate for multi-modal transit expansion including and not limited to: planning Chapel Hill light rail shuttles to Carrboro, expanded bus rapid transit routes, a UNC/CH/Carrboro bike share, van/car ride share, and zip car programs  
  • Advocate for Carrboro bike boulevards 

8.  Orange County Southwest Branch Library in Carrboro

  • Proponent of a Carrboro branch library to enhance service to Carrboro and the southwest Orange County community.

9.  Solid waste and recycling

  • Maintain Carrboro’s firm commitment to the Orange County comprehensive recycling program, which includes curbside recycling and multi-family recycling, continue to advocate for municipal and residential composting
  • To pursue a mid- and long-term solution for municipal solid waste, given the closure of the Orange County Landfill

10. Community engagement in public health and safety

  • Support for community partnerships in safety and resource officer programs

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