Vibrant, Diverse Community

  • In collaboration with El Centro Hispano, authored the Town of Carrboro resolution in opposition to the separation from parents and family and detention of children, June 19, 2018.

  • Offer unwavering advocacy and support of civil marriage for same-sex couples. Town of Carrboro resolution adopted December 2008.

  • Co-authored and introduced the Board of Aldermen resolution in opposition of the “Defense of Marriage” Bills: North Carolina Senate Bill 106 and House Bill 777, August 2011.

  • Carrboro representative for the iNSIDEoUT 2016 Award in opposition to NCGA HB 2.
  • Co-authored the updated language of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as Guiding Principles and the Board of Aldermen resolution for its adoption, April 2009.

  • Provided leadership with community, El Centro Hispano, and Justice United to address the needs of day laborers and neighbors in the creation of El Centro’s CEL (Center for Employment and Leadership).
  • Continue to work with El Centro Hispano’s community-relations specialist to support and provide services to day laborers, and to continue to address and remedy wage-theft issues.

  • Actively support community engagement in public health and safety through partnerships in safety and resource officer programs.

  • Worked with members of the Community Garden Coalition on the design and engineering for the community gardens at Baldwin Park.

  • Authored a resolution opposing Orange County action to close the Orange County Health Department Dental Clinic service in Carrboro at Carr Mill Mall; offering recommendations to repeal the closure.

  • Authored the resolution and co-planned the celebration for Stanley B. Vickers Diversity Appreciation Day in Carrboro, recognizing the first among the students to integrate the Chapel Hill-Carrboro Schools.

  • Working with the Board of Aldermen, the Carrboro Youth Advisory Board and the Youth Community Project to promote the establishment of a teen center in Carrboro.

  • Winner: El Centro Hispano 2015 Gilbertson-Clark Visionary Award 

  • Organizing Against Racism (OAR) training, July 2016.

Town of Carrboro Resolution in Solidarity with Charlottesville Counter Protestors, Condemning and Calling for Action Against Racism and White Supremacy

Organizing Against Racism OAR